We are IonTerra

The Leader in Real-Time Raw Data and Sensor Fusion

IonTerra is a fundamental part of the driverless car revolution that the world is heading towards. The challenges of the autonomous cars of the future, that are being designed and architected today, are big. Having that car accidents are one of the major reasons of fatality in the reality of today, sets an ambitious goal for companies operating in the autonomous space. Not only are they looking to increase the mobility for people, but also to make transportation efficient and reliable, while saving lives. The autonomous vehicle will operate using different inputs that it will receive, such as information about the driving conditions, including the outside surroundings as well as information about the driver/passenger himself. Those inputs will need to be merged and integrated to create every single decision the vehicle will make. IonTerra’s technology addresses precision, reliability and flexibility of driver replacement systems in its architecture and solutions. It uses a unique technology known as rtCVI™ Computer Vision Analysis that enables multiple solutions for autonomous driving. These solutions span from processing of sensed data, fusion of sensed data from different sources, to big data cloud solutions based on information gathered from vehicles - including 2D and 3D Mapping and Parking Garage Mapping.

rtCVI™ Platform Overview


The rtCVI™ client-server platform allows real time computer vision analysis. The platform is able to receive multiple sensor sources as input, thus offering real time decision making based on the analysis of several different sensor’s output. The platform simulates real eye perception of objects using advanced patented computer vision algorithms. Any real time environment can become the input for the platform. Very easily, any number of objects can be modelled within the platform. rtCVI™ is agnostic to the type of sensor providing the data. It can receive any data as input, providing at least 2D data like LiDAR. Due to this rtCVI™ is also not exposed to adversary hacking as many of the deep learning algorithms. Identifying, classifying and predicting of real time objects will occur and real time decisions will be made by the vehicle in an independent and autonomous way. The platform is using proprietary deterministic technology and not using Deep Leaning, thus not exposed to the limitations of Deep Learning, and offers the Autonomous Vehicle an extra layer of accuracy & redundancy.

Raw Data and Sensor Fusion

Data fusion is the process of integrating multiple data sources to produce more consistent, accurate, and useful information than that provided by any individual data source. Sensor fusion is software that intelligently combines results from several sensors for the purpose of improving application or system performance. rtCVI™ analyzes raw sensor data in real-time and provides Data Fusion on the raw data level. rtCVI™ is able to create smart data by combining the data coming out of every sensor in order to reach informed decisions. rtCVI™ is also able to perform sensor fusion, combining data from multiple sensors to make up for the deficiencies of the individual sensors to calculate accurate position and orientation information.


An end-to-end solution that enables receiving different sensor information coming out of the vehicle and providing vital real-time information that is required for the decision making process of the autonomous vehicle.


An end-to-end solution that allows receiving raw data inputs from multiple sensors of the autonomous vehicle at once, processing them together and providing rich & smart data that enables an enhanced decision for the autonomous vehicle.


Advanced real-time Computer Vision & Big Data Cloud set of solutions, based on the information gathered from vehicles, including 3D Scene Modelling, 3D Parking Garage Mapping, HD Maps and other Big Data applications.

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